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Selected Publications:
U Maniscalco, R Rizzo, A virtual layer of measure based on soft sensors, Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, 1-10, 2016;
E Cipolla, U Maniscalco, R Rizzo, D Stabile, F Vella, Analysis and visualization of meteorological emergencies, Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, 1-12, 2016;
INSYEME, INtegrated SYstem For EMErgency

INSYEME, INtegrated SYstem for EMErgency

YEAR 2014

The Insyeme project aims to study and experiment with innovative methodologies and tools for the creation of integrated systems for the prevention and management of emergencies following natural disasters. Insyeme’s technological infrastructure will provide a wide range of services that can be used by operators in the field also through non-conventional commercial mobile devices. The research activities concern the evolution of broadband radio communication systems, their integration with existing communication networks (fixed, mobile and satellite) and the development of complex applications according to the new Mobile Grid Computing paradigm.

The ICAR headquarters of Rende is engaged in the following activities:

A4.3 Prototype design and realization of distributed algorithms of Stream Mining for pervasive computing applications.

  • Design of Data Mining algorithms operating on stream data.
  • A prototype implementation of the algorithms.
  • Performance verification and experimental validation.

The Palermo office of ICAR is engaged in the following activities:

A4.4 Design and prototyping of techniques for distributed data fusion.

  • Methodological document of data fusion techniques.
  • UML design document of the Distributed Data Fusion system.
  • A prototype of data fusion functions.
  • Experimental verification document containing validation and performance tests.

A4.5 Prototypes design and construction of methodologies for short-term forecasting and scenario analysis (RI).

  • Methodological document of the statistical-mathematical approach for the process of generating scenarios and forecasting.
  • UML design document for the scenario generation and forecasting system.
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