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Ivana Marra
Local manager of  Napoli
E-mail: ivana.marra[at]
Phone: +39 0816139514

Ivana Marra is a technologist at Institute for High-Performance Computing and Networking (ICAR) of National Research Council of Italy (CNR).
She received her Laurea degree in Computer Science from the University of Salerno in 1989 and started her activity first as a systems analyst and then as an information systems manager at FPS S.A. Ltd.. Within a joint research project on parallel computing, she was seconded to Research Institute on Parallel Information Systems (IRSIP) of CNR.
In 1997 she joined IRSIP as a temporary researcher on the project “Development of Digital Technologies for Advanced Graphics in Industrial and Commercial Applications”- P.O. FESR. Her activity mainly aimed at designing and developing applications for high resolution 3D graphics animations by using motion capture systems. In 2001 she joined IRSIP as a technologist, and later she moved to ICAR.
She has currently leadership roles in project management and financial reporting activities within several Regional, National and European funded projects and supervises the verification process of project cost claims, by interacting with auditors of funding agencies.
She gives technical and administrative support to research staff during the preparatory process related to calls for project proposals within funding programme and also serves as an organizing committee member of international conferences and workshops.
She is co-author of several technical and financial reports. Since 2014 she is the person in charge of Naples Secondary Branch of ICAR.


Alfonso Urso 
Local manager of  Palermo
E-mail: alfonso.urso[at]
Phone: + 39 0918031025

Alfonso Urso received the Laurea degree in electronic engineering (Summa cum Laude), and the Ph.D. degree in systems engineering from the University of Palermo, Italy, in 1992 and 1997, respectively. In 1998, he was with the Department of Computer and Control Engineering, University of Palermo, as Research Associate. In 2000, he joined the High-Performance Computing and Networking Institute of the Italian National Research Council (ICAR-CNR), where he is currently a Researcher in systems and computer engineering. In 2006 he has been Visiting Researcher at University of Konstanz, Germany. From 2007 to 2015 he was the coordinator of the research group “Intelligent Data Analysis for Bioinformatics” of the Italian National Research Council. Since January 2016 he is Head of the Palermo branch of the High-Performance Computing and Networking Institute of the Italian National Research Council. Since 2001 he has been Lecturer at the University of Palermo where he teaches Computer Networks Security at the Faculty of Computer Science. His research interests are in the area of machine learning, soft computing, and applications to bioinformatics. Dr. Urso is a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), and of the Italian Bioinformatics Society (BITS).

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