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Algorithms For Biomedical Image Analysis And Processing

Algorithms for Biomedical Image Analysis and Processing

The large number of applications that rely on biomedical images increases the demand for efficient,…



AI solutions are now ubiquitous and transforming our societies at an unprecedented rate. With numerous…

Advances Of Transformers In Medical Imaging

Advances of Transformers in Medical Imaging

Differently from CNNs which only exploit local features in each level, transformers are designed to…

BRIGHT Challenge

BRIGHT Challenge

The aim of the BRIGHT challenge is to provide an opportunity for the development, testing…

CNR Partner Of The EU Funded Project In Human Centered Artificial Intelligence

CNR partner of the EU funded project in Human Centered Artificial Intelligence

The CNR, with the ICAR and IIT institutes, is a partner of the European Human…

Phd-AI, Calls Are Online. For This Cycle, ICAR Finances 3 Ph.D. Scholarship

Phd-AI, Calls are online. For this cycle, ICAR finances 3 Ph.D. scholarship

The calls for the Italian Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence have been published at This…

Book Discussion – Cognitive Design For Artificial Minds

Book discussion – Cognitive Design for Artificial Minds

On June 30th there will be an online discussion on the book "Cognitive Design for…

Seminario Cnr-Icar/4Securitas

Seminario Cnr-Icar/4Securitas


Current cyber security systems are based on a “reactive” defense model, that is, they wait…

PhD Scholarships In Artificial Intelligence: We Got 6 PhD Scholarships.

PhD scholarships in Artificial Intelligence: we got 6 PhD scholarships.

The evaluation process for the assignment of PhD scholarships in Artificial Intelligence was concluded. It…

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