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Workshop: “How Can Scientific Computing Help To Study Life Sciences?”

Workshop: “How can Scientific Computing help to study Life Sciences?”

The workshop intends to promote and disseminate some of the activities carried out and in…



The 2021 IEEE World Congress on Services will be held as an all-online virtual event.…

ICAR-CNR / 4Securitas Webinar  ACSIA: Innovative Cyber Defense Approach, Real-time, Multilayer With ML And AI Techniques

ICAR-CNR / 4Securitas webinar ACSIA: innovative cyber defense approach, real-time, multilayer with ML and AI techniques

Location: Evento online
Date: 21/04/2021 11:00 am

Current cyber security systems are based on a "reactive" defense model, that is, they wait…

SeLIE’21-The First International Workshop On Self- Learning In Intelligent Environments

SeLIE’21-The first International Workshop on Self- Learning in Intelligent Environments

ICAR-CNR is co-organizer with the University of Geneva of the first edition of the "Self-Learning…

ICAR Meet 2020

ICAR Meet 2020

ICAR Meet 2020 è un evento online promosso dal CNR-ICAR. E’ un'occasione di confronto sulle…

2nd Level Master Postgraduate Course Degree INTER-IoT

2nd Level Master Postgraduate Course Degree INTER-IoT

The goal of our 2nd level Master is the professional training of a new ICT…

International Workshop On Artificial Intelligence For Digital Pathology (AIDP)

International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Digital Pathology (AIDP)

Cnr-Icar and IBM Research of Zurich are the organizers of the International Workshop on Artificial…

L’installazione  SIRENA DIGITALE  In Anteprima Al MANN

L’installazione  SIRENA DIGITALE  in anteprima al MANN

Da venerdì 23 ottobre, sarà possibile interagire con la Sirena Digitale mediante una installazione olografica…

Webinar: Turismo E Beni Culturali Nell’era Della Smart Economy

Webinar: Turismo e Beni Culturali nell’era della Smart Economy

Come gestire e sfruttare il paradigma della #datarevolution per rafforzare la competitività delle destinazioni turistico…

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