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Maginot – Sistema Integrato Per Il Monitoraggio E La Tutela Dell’Ambiente Urbano, Extraurbano E Marino

Maginot – Sistema Integrato per il Monitoraggio e la Tutela dell’Ambiente Urbano, Extraurbano e Marino PON01_02309.

START DATE January 2014
END DATE March 2018


The aim of the project is to develop a complex environmental monitoring system able to put together, in a single product, a series of subsystems tailored to settle the needs of individual problems. The monitoring, implemented with different approaches and technologies according to the environmental matrix under consideration, will be entirely coordinated by a single supervision and control system, will be assisted by mathematical models specialized for each chemical-physical area of interest, able to guarantee organicity, timeliness and a wide range of solutions for the environmental problems that may affect areas nearby large industrial sites. ICAR-CNR is involved in the creation of the seamarks, i.e. fixed small emerged platforms, used as observation station for environmental data collection, in implementing a distributed database on a geographical scale to support the Sensors Observation System service, in developing the data collection subsystem and in implementing an early warning system.

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