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Institution of origin:
University of Salerno

Antonio Della Cioppa is Associate Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Computiation at the Department of  Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, University of Salerno, where he is also member of the Council of the Italian Research Doctorate in Information Engineering. Prof. Della Cioppa serves as Associate Editor of Applied Soft Computing and Evolutionary Intelligence and is member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).  His reaserach interests are in the field of the Computational Intelligence, with particluar emphasis in the fields of Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computation.

The research activity that Antonio Della Cioppa carries out with ICAR researchers regards innovative models of Machine Learning. Specifically, he is involved in the application of the Evolutionary Computation and of the Swarm Intelligence in the field of Neuroevolution, with particular reference to the optimization of the design of deep neural networks.

He is involved in the activities of the research group Innovative Models for Machine Learning.


Antonio Della Cioppa
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