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Selected Publications:

Claudia Di Napoli, Luca Sabatucci, Massimo Cossentino, and Silvia Rossi. Generating and Instantiating Abstract Workflows with QoS User Requirements (2017) In Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence – Volume 1, SciTePress, pp. 276-283, DOI: 10.5220/0006203902760283

Claudia Di Napoli, Marco Valentino, Luca Sabatucci and Massimo Cossentino. Adaptive Workflows of Home-Care Services (2018) In Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE-2018) – In press

PRIN User-centred Profiling And Adaptation For Socially Assistive Robotics

User-centred Profiling and Adaptation for Socially Assistive Robotics

Start date: February 2017
End date: January 2020

The goal of the project is to design an adaptive behavior of a robotic system in charge of providing home-care assistance to people affected by neurological disorders in their Activity of Daily Living (ADL). Adaptation is crucial in order to increase the acceptability level and the effectiveness of the robotic system and it should be based on specific needs and preferences of users. In the project adaptation is realized by regulating robot’s interaction parameters according to personality and cognitive user profiling.



  • DIETI, Università di Napoli “Federico II” – Coordinatore progetto: Silvia Rossi
  • ICAR-CNR – Responsabile Unità: Claudia Di Napoli
  • Clinica Neurologica dell’Università Federico II
  • Dipartimento di Psicologia dell’Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
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