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COnnected And Holystic CarE For HypertenSION Management (COHESION)

COHESION aims at meeting the Procurers’ challenges with an ICT solution and a holistic (technological, clinical and organizational) approach for the hypertension management. It proposes an innovative care model allowing health professionals to jointly support patients and enabling an active engagement of the latter, while teaching them how to effectively manage the disease with interactive learning tools, coaching support and gamification. The main benefits for Procurers are to impact hypertension outcomes and to produce important outcomes in terms of morbidity and resources’ utilization (e.g., number of hospitalizations, in person visits per patient/year).

COHESION has been thought to be flexibly adapted, from technical and organizational viewpoint, in different Countries regardless of their differences. A change management strategy is a driver to adopt health ICT initiatives as it can give many benefits to all stakeholders, overcoming their resistance to change and increasing their engagement, even more, as patients’ self-monitoring is crucial to improve medication adherence and blood pressure control. This is possible as specific COHESION pillars are: a) managing issues and expectations of Procurers; b) providing Procurers with a system of innovative technologies beyond the state-of-the-art; c) establishing monitoring and evaluation processes for the whole project’s life cycle. The organization plan – established to design, develop and introduce the solution in the Procurers’ systems and processes – has been conceived on these pillars.

The project can count on a significant involvement of stakeholders (in the form of Procurers’ representatives) and leverage the strong presence of Consortium members in the Procurers’ markets. The commercialization capacity of the consortium will allow exploitation of the R&D results and sustaining a viable solution in the markets of Procurers’ Countries and beyond.

Funding Scheme: Programma Horizon 2020 , Project: Pre-commercial Procurement of innovative ICT-enabled monitoring to improve health status and optimise hypertension care

Partner: eHealthNet (CNR-ICAR, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Kelyon), Hemosoft, BYS Grup, Innovative Medical Partners Sweden, Gorila IT

Application Area: Digital healthcare

Total Grant: € 98.263,00

ICAR GRANT: € 17.463,60

Start Date: March 21

End Date: May 21


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