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Name: Diego
Surname: Romano
Role: Researcher
Identification Number: 10681
Phone: +39 0816139518
Location: Napoli
GPU Computing: design and development of mathematical methods, algorithms and software on parallel computers equipped with graphics accelerators (GPU). In particular, the activity is focused on the analysis of the evaluation parameters for parallel algorithms on: linear algebra problems, image analysis, quadrature, optimization; special focus on single node computers with GPUs for processing images from microscopy, medical imaging, and on-board processing of aerospace sensor data; energy efficiency screening of GPU-parallel algorithms.
Blockchain: analysis of blockchain-based applications for the screening of computational efficiency and energy sustainability; strategies to limit the growing phenomenon of oligopoly, whether or not linked to the waste of electrical resources and financial speculation; particular attention to electronic voting with both remote systems and polling stations.
Computer Graphics: design and development of methods, algorithms and software for computer graphics on computers with advanced architectures, with special focus on issues related to the computing environment. In detail, the activity has the purpose of revisiting methods and techniques from computer graphics in order to efficiently exploit high-performance multi-core specialized graphics architectures (GPUs): rendering techniques for Global Illumination, simulation of realistic movements of the human upper limb.

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