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Name: Umberto
Surname: Maniscalco
Role: Research fellow
Identification Number: 8773
Phone: +39 0918031064
Location: Palermo
Fax: +39 0916809262

Umberto Maniscalco received his PhD in Electrical, Communication and Computer Engineering from the University of Palermo in December 1998 and his Dr Ing. (Laurea) degree in Electrical Engineering from the Università degli studi di Palermo in Novembre 1994.
He currently is a technologist with the ICAR – High-Performance Computing and Network Institute institute of the CNR – National Research Council of Italy in Palermo, from December 2001.
He is currently heading the Human-Robot Interaction Group of ICAR.
Since 2016 he has been responsible for the ICAR of the “robotics and automatics” and “ICT Devices and Systems” project areas of the Engineering, ICT and technologies for energy and transportation Department (DIITET) of CNR.
Since 2000 he has taught both undergraduate and graduate-level courses at the faculty of Architecture, Engineering, and Communication. He has participated in several local, national and international research projects.
His research involves the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to realize innovative solutions in the social robotic area and healthcare and well-being domains.
He also has industry experience as a software analyst and software designer. He has experience as legal technical consultant.
Umberto Maniscalco is the co-author of over 70 scientific publications. He is/was a member of the AIxIA, SIREN, IMEKO, International Neural Network Society, European Neural Network Society, Japanese Neural Network Society and Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures Society.

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