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De Pietro
Name: Giuseppe
Surname: De Pietro
Date of birth: 14/02/1962
Role: Research associate
Member of:
Phone: +39 081 6139511
Location: Napoli
Fax: +39- 0816139532

Giuseppe De Pietro, graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II”, is Adjunct Professor at the College of Science and Technology of the Temple University of Philadelphia (USA), from September 2014 to march 2024 he has been the Director of the Institute for high performance computing and networking of the CNR.

Previously he was Professor of Electronic Calculators and Electronic Calculator Programming at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Naples “Federico II”. Consultant of the Ministry for Reforms and Innovations in Public Administration, for the definition of strategies for the dissemination of new information and communication technologies in e-government. Expert of the Ministry for Economic Development. Expert in precompetitive research and development for the ex-ante evaluation, during and ex-post of the projects of technological innovation in the sectors: Architecture and processing systems; Office automation; Computer networks; Basic and application SW – SW engineering.

He was also a member of the bilateral commission DigitPA – CNR and of the bilateral commission between DigitPA and CNR for the processes of technological innovation and e-government. President of the C.D.A. of Ehealthnet scarl and CNR representative in the public / private ehealthnet Laboratory. Italian Member of the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group. An expert appointed by the MIUR Planning of European Research Networks. Director of the C.D.A. of the Regional Competence Center for ICT – CeRICT. A representative of the CNR in the CeRICT.

His current research interests are focused on cognitive systems, decision support systems, software architectures. He has actively participated in European and national projects, many of them characterized by important industrial cooperations. He is the author of over 200 scientific articles published in international journals and conferences and is involved in numerous programs and editorial committees of periodicals. He is also a member of IEEE and KES International.

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