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Institution of origin:
University of Palermo

Salvatore Gaglio is Full Professor at the University of Palermo. He holds the teaching of Artificial Intelligence at the MSc in Computer Engineering; He is Professor of Fundamentals of Programming at the three-year degree course in Computer Engineering and he is the Coordinator of the Ph.D. in Engineering of Technological Innovation. He is a member of several international associations: IEEE, AAAI, ACM and the National Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters of Palermo.

The research themes that he carries out with the researchers of the ICAR concern the conceptual aspects of the knowledge representation, the human-machine interaction, and methodologies for deep learning. Professor Gaglio is a co-author of the ICAR researchers in some important scientific publications and he is involved in the activities of the research group Cognitive Systems for Robotics.


Salvatore Gaglio
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