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Nome: Giuseppe
Cognome: Tricomi
Ruolo: Ricercatore
Sede di lavoro: Napoli

Giuseppe Tricomi holds a permanent position as member of the technical staff at Italian Ministry of Instruction. He is moved to Italian Ministry of Instruction from the Ministry of Defence in the Naval base of Augusta, Italy, where he was employed until the early 2023. Actually, he works as a fixed-term researcher at ICAR CNR.

He earn an international Ph.D. in Cyber-Physical Systems from the Department of Engineering (DI) at the University of Messina. Giuseppe Tricomi (IEEE Member 2019).

Giuseppe Tricomi was born in Messina on March 15th, 1984. He received his Degree in Computer Engineering from Engineering Faculty of the University of Messina (Italy) in 2010. The title of his thesis has been “Definition of a reference architecture in the Cloud Computing”.  After bachelor degree, he began had started to work in a SME with task that involved in Human resource management, surveillance net configuration, MAN Wireless network configuration, Ethernet network configuration, firm system Administration. Purchasing Manager.  Accounting tecnic actions in public procurement.

In October 2012 he employed in SIMONE POR in activities as Design and implementation JAVA Modules for CLEVER integration (CLoud-Enabled Virtual EnviRonment) for S.I.MON.E (Sistema Integrato per il MONitoraggio della produzione di Energia elettrica) P.O.R Project.

After this in October 2013 he employed in SIGMA in activities as Design and implementation JAVA Modules for CLEVER integration  (CLoud-Enabled Virtual EnviRonment) for SIGMA (Sistema Integrato per la Gestione di sensori Multirischio Avanzata) PON Project . Keywords for SIGMA is CLOUD, FEDERATION, SENSORS, VIRTUALIZATION, BIG DATA, MULTIRISK.
Software Module Debugging, implementation and integration. Interation between several systems.

Until 2017, he worked in an European Project called BEACON with Systemistic and developing tasks, Beacon is a Research and Development project, which receives funding from the EU through its Horizon 2020 framework programme.

BEACON link is:

As consultant, he hasworked from 2014 to 2017: for companies involved in regional (POR) Project, as disseminator about Fi-Ware and XIFI in a conference organized to present acceleration initiative Frontier-Cities, for companiesinvolved in application to accelerator Frontier-Cities as FIWARE Expert, for a company about software development.

During his Ph.D., Giuseppe Tricomi collaborated in two PON projects, that are Too(L)Smart  and SaMOA as CINI’s external consultant for Xenia and Corvallis.

His current research interests include Cyber-Physical System, Smart Environment (Smart City, Smart Building, etc.), Cloud Continuum computing (this include Cloud, Fog and Edge computing) and cooperative pattern to be applied to these technologies.

During the PhD course he is a lecturer for two of the courses of his tutor: Computer Networks and  Distributed Systems. He has published several works about Multi-Cloud and Cloud Federation, and now he starts to work on Cyber-Physical Systems. Furthermore the research activity made is related to the analysis of several technologies available that may provide a good contribution to previous descripted scenario (as example Blockchain).

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