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The UniWebPancreas project aims to facilitate the monitoring of patients with pancreatic cancer thanks to the development of a web platform that allows easy and constant follow-up of patients, improving the exchange of clinical documents and data and doctor-patient communication, providing remote assistance services and managing clinical data structured in a homogeneous way. The ultimate goal is to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients and to offer professionals up-to-date and quality information also for study and research purposes.

The project also aims to mitigate, through the UniWebPancreas platform, the growing phenomenon of health migration for the treatment of complex pathologies such as pancreatic diseases, the treatment of which is often offered by specialized centers located in a non-homogeneous manner throughout the country, so as to allow all patients, especially in situations of strong health emergency such as the current one linked to the onset of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), to take advantage of efficient health services.

The logistical difficulty of the geographical location, in fact, can be an obstacle to a constant and efficient follow-up.

Partnership: UniPancreas, CNR-IIT, CNR-ICAR

Funding Scheme Agreement

Total Grant 40.000 Euro

ICAR Grant 20.000 Euro

Application Area Telemedicine

Start Date: January 2021

End Date: January 2022

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