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Development Of An Integrated Radiomic And Phenotypic System For The Diagnosis, Prognosis And Personalized Therapy Of Head And Neck Cancer Therapy. Technological Platform: EMORFORAD-Campania

The project “Development of an integrated radiomic and phenotypic system for the diagnosis, prognosis and personalized therapy of head and neck cancer therapy”- eMorforad – focuses on the “System Medicine”, and will be implemented through an innovative integration between the “omics” sciences and the different expertise essential for the setting up of the diagnosis, prognostic and predictive framework and for the management of squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck (HNSSC). The strategy that will be used involves the merging in a clinical-diagnostic path of humoral and tissue disease biomarkers and of radiomic-based imaging analysis systems that use radiomics.

In this project the data obtained from radiomics will be elaborated by software tools that will also use data about the patient’s clinical features, the environment, life habits, the presence and distribution of biochemical and tissue markers, allowing the overcoming of systems based on fragmented interpretation of the patient to achieve a unified and “holistic” vision of each patient with its specific tumour.

Partner: University of Naples “Federico II”, National Cancer Institute – IRCCS “Fondazione G.Pascale”, ICAR-CNR, IBB-CNR, eHealthNet, Bio check up, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Gesan, Inteltec.




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