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Name: Mara
Surname: Sangiovanni
Role: Research fellow
Identification Number: 20768
Location: Napoli

Research Activities

I received my Master’s degree in Computer Science (cum laude) in 2009 at Federico II University of Naples, with a thesis on Spectral Clustering for Video surveillance data. In 2014 I received my Ph.D. in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, with a thesis investigating the usage of a Model Checking approach to explore metabolic network states. During a post-doc research fellowship at the ICAR-CNR of Naples, I worked on applying Machine Learning methodologies for the classification of genomics and transcriptomics data produced by Next Generation Sequencing techniques. In 2017 I moved to “Stazione Zoologica Anton Dhorn” where I worked on organizing, visualizing, and processing omics data for Marine Biology. Since July 2020, I have been a Researcher at the ICAR-CNR in the Artificial Intelligence in Image and Signal Analysis Lab, directed by Dr. Frucci. I’m interested in Deep Learning techniques, with particular attention to Transformers architectures, for the segmentation and classification of Medical images.

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