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Name: Luigi
Surname: Pontieri
Date of birth: 25/10/1970
Role: Senior Researcher
Identification Number: 8261
Phone: +39 0984 493863‬
Location: Rende
Cell phone: +39 320 4399011
Research Topics and Activities:

My current research interests mainly focus on the areas of Knowledge Discovery (with a special focus on the analysis of complex data), Process Mining and Business Intelligence.
In particular, I have been pursuing the general goal of developing methods for understanding, analysing and predicting a process’ behaviour, and supporting the automation and optimisation of related business/decisional activities, by mainly leveraging temporally-marked event data (eg., stored in process/system/transaction/message logs, or exchanged within IoT/social networks).
Some research problems that I have been addressing recently are:
  • interpreting sequences of low-level events in terms of higher-level activity/event concepts;
  • detecting deviant behaviours (e.g., anomalous behaviours, cyber-security attacks);
  • discovering predictive and descriptive behavioural models (e.g., graph-like process models, conceptual clustering/subgroup models).
In the past, I also conducted research activities in the fields of Data Integration and Data Compression. I have also been teaching several university courses (within both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees).
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