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Name: Nadia
Surname: Brancati
Date of birth: 22/03/1979
Role: Researcher
Identification Number: 15767
Phone: 0816139228
Location: Napoli
Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Nadia Brancati received her M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science “cum laude” at the University of Naples Parthenope in 2008. She is a researcher at the National Research Council of Italy. Her research interests include mainly Image Processing, Computer Vision and Human Computer Interaction, in particular Segmentation, Image Analysis, Classification and Medical Imaging. She has experience in Machine Learning, with particular reference to Deep Learning. She is actively involved in international/ national projects, even with industrial collaborations. She has participated to two international competitions (BACH 2018 and SSRBC 2017), resulting for both at the second position in the ranking. She is a member of the Italian Association for Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (CVPL). She has co-organized the recent Workshop “Artificial Intelligence for Digital Pathology” (AIDP) in ICPR2020.
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