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Procedimento Anti-contraffazione Su Base Collaborativa
Giovanni Schmid

Type: Brevetto di invenzione industriale
Title: Procedimento anti-contraffazione su base collaborativa
Year of publication: 2016
Kind of patent: Nazionale
Number: 0001424336
Country: Italia
Key words: Tamper-proof and anti-cloning codes, Matrix codes, Anti- counterfeiting process and system
Language: italiano

Abstract: The proposed system aims to face counterfeiting thanks to a digital labeling process in which each item or batch of product is associated with a unique, non-falsifiable code that loses its validity when the product is reported as sold or used, or when other circumstances – such as passing an expiration date or detecting a duplication of the code – take place.
The system can be configured in order to guarantee the originality of both payment systems and consumer products. Moreover, it supports different usage scenarios, with different degrees of consumer involvement in the process of monitoring and countering the duplication of codes.
These characteristics are not present in the current counterfeiting systems, whether they are analog, digital or hybrid. On the other hand, this procedure can be suitable both in the context of large distribution (e.g., supermarket chains, franchising sales) and digital marketplaces.

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