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Name: Giandomenico
Surname: Spezzano
Date of birth: 13/02/1955
Role: Research Director
Identification Number: 5103
Phone: +39 0984 493854
Location: Rende
Cell phone: +39 320 4399014
Fax: +39 0984 839054

He is head of the distributed and pervasive intelligent systems (Speedy) laboratory at the ICAR-CNR. He was member of the Board of the ICAR Institute.

Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Calabria. He currently teaches the course of “Fog computing, Cloud systems, and the Internet of Things: Synergies and Integration” at the PhD of “Systems and Computer Engineering” at DIMES, University of Calabria.

The research activities carried out concern: Cloud Edge environment and peer-to-peer systems, large-scale cyber-physical systems and middleware for smart object management, IoT-based Smart Cities, Edge/Fog/Mist computing, autonomic and self-adaptive workflows, amorphous computing,  models with cellular automata for scientific computations concerning the simulation of complex phenomena of the real world (landslides, soil restoration, infiltration, etc.), parallel data mining algorithms for the classification and clustering of large amounts of data, tools for parallel evolutionary programming, high performance enabling platforms, multi-agent systems with collective behavior (swarm intelligence).

He worked as a senior researcher at the Consortium for Research and Applications of Computer Science (CRAI) where he was in charge of the research group “distributed and parallel systems” of CRAI carrying out numerous research projects at national and international level in the field of parallel and distributed computing.

He is member of the steering committee and national scientific manager for smart home security area  of the DOMUS district funded by MIUR. Previously in the RES-NOVAE applied research project, funded by MIUR under the Smart Cities and Communities program, he was the national coordinator of the activities for the realization of a Smart District.

He is a member of the program committee of numerous international conferences in the field of distributed and parallel systems and complex adaptive systems. He is the author of 4 books and more than 210 scientific articles published in books, conference proceedings and international journals. He published several papers in international journals, among which ACM Trans. on Autonomus and Adaptive Systems, IEEE IOT Journal, IEEE Trans. on Evolutionary Computation, Parallel Computing, Future Generation Computer Systems, Concurrency and Computation, Information Sciences. He serves in the program committee of many international conferences and in the editorial board of the Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Elsevier. He lectures Computing Networks at the University of Calabria.

He is a member of ACM and IEEE-CS. He is a member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Self-Organized Distributed and Pervasive Systems and of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Parallel Processing.

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