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250px Alberti Cipher Disk
250px Alberti Cipher Disk
Locandina Evento DeCifris 22.01.2018
250px Alberti Cipher Disk Locandina Evento DeCifris 22.01.2018

ICAR CNR will host at its headquarters in Naples, the first meeting of the National Association of Cryptography “De Componendis Cifris”, ( that will take place simultaneously in three other places by video conference:

  • Turin, University of Turin, via Carlo Alberto 10, Sala Orsi
  • Rome, University of Rome3, Largo S. Leon. Murialdo 1, equipped meeting room of Mathematics
  • Bologna, Department of Mathematics, Piazza di Porta S. Donato 5, Classroom II.
  • Naples, CNR NA1 Research Area, via Pietro Castellino 111, Icar Meeting Room 207.

The association De Componendis Cifris aims to animate the Italian cryptographic community, both in its academic components and in its ramifications in the world of work and business. The hope is that Italy can develop robust and flexible ciphers, suitable for the modern era, and that talents dedicated to cryptographic sciences emerge. Among its main activities, the funding of cryptographic grants, the management of scientific and popular journals, the organization of other popular initiatives and qualifying public events, including an annual national cryptography conference.

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