The "MITO - Medical Imaging TOolkit" project coagulates a number of activities aimed at defining and implementing an open-source, cross-platform software architecture for advanced Medical Imaging.

Non Invasive Imaging For Advanced M.F.D.

The project aims to develop software technologies and novel methodologies for morpho-functional medical imaging applications of non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques. The goal is to establish and consolidate a laboratory comprised of public research units and industry, which is broadly representative of the excellence of expertise that exists today in Italy on medical, scientific, technological and industrial research themes.


The project OR.C.HE.S.T.R.A. - ORganization of Cultural HEritage for Smart Tourism and Real-time Accessibility - aims to develep, for both tourists and residents, smart technological solutions to better account tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the city of Naples.

Smart Underground

Il progetto Smart Underground mira, tramite tecnologia di ultimissima generazione, a rendere accessibile, principalmente per i visitatori diversamente abili, qualsiasi sito culturale, sia in termini di utilizzo dei servizi, sia in termini di fruizione dei contenuti culturali. Il progetto svilupperà una soluzione completa per un sito specifico, la Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore della Pietrasanta, che per la sua complessità strutturale (dislocato su tre livelli, basilica, cripta e percorso sotterraneo) e per la sua ricchezza in termini culturali (presenta reperti archeologici di varia epoca e natura), si presta naturalmente all’integrazione di nuovi strumenti tecnologici per una fruizione completa e accessibile.


SmartCARE is an ICT platform of advanced e-health services where physicians and patients meet and manage daily activities, within a therapeutic process, in a collaborative way enabling an optimization of healthcare rehabilitation at home. SmartCARE enables services (IHC - Integrated Home Care) assuring a constant verification of the therapeutic process without requiring the presence on-site of the medical staff.

Smarth Health 2.0

The goal of the project "Smart Health 2.0" is the realization of a technological system that implements an innovative model of healthcare based on the paradigm of digital open architecture, modular and scalable.


Uranus is an open-source SOA infrastructure that provides a set of basic services for the development of vital signs monitoring applications. Two key points of Uranus are (1) the availability of mechanisms, tools and methodologies for the rapid prototyping of applications built on top of it and (2) the possibility of conferring stringent dependability requirements, which is an emerging issue in eHealth monitoring applications.